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The Indemnis Story

If you knew what we were up to, you’d know we’re about to change the world.

In late 2014, Founder Alan Erickson (who owned and operated a video production company at the time) watched a large quadcopter fail and tumble from the sky. That day, he realized the need to prevent a UAV from causing harm and the quest for a solution was formulated. The name Indemnis, Latin for “without hurt, harm or damage,”  stands as a reminder of the company’s protective promise and mission.

By April 2015, Alan had recruited a team to help create the first prototypes.  The potential for harm is obvious and a safety solution is imperative for industry growth.

What began as a drawing on a napkin, quickly turned into reassembly of a cut up air mattress and our first prototype. Since then, we’ve worked to bridge the gap between concept and reality, the word impossible does not exist in our vocabulary. We are privileged to have pulled together some of the brightest minds and out of the box thinkers and we humble ourself daily with the speed at which we make advancements.

To our family and friends who have supported us throughout our journey and to our forward-thinking investors who have made this all possible, we owe a huge thank you! Indemnis is not just a company but a part of who we have become.

Based in Alaska, home to one of FAA’s first UAS test sites, our team exemplifies the pioneering, high-adventure spirit of the “Last Frontier.” For those who are just getting acquainted with the idea of mechanical machines buzzing above your head on a daily occurrence, we are excited to share our vision with you.