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Europe works on drone laws again after reckless flyers flew in a airfield

Drones hebben een zonnige toekomst voor zich. Naarmate ze beter en goedkoper worden, komen allerlei nieuwe toepassingen in zicht, maar doemen er ook problemen op. Dat maakt wet- en regelgeving…

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The Engineering Genius Behind This Freeze-Proof Arctic Drone

A high-payload, low-cost drone would change Arctic science forever. But one challenge remains: making it freeze-proof.

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City engineering college partners with Japanese UAV firm

In order to establish a Centre of Excellence for UAV and Geospatial researech application, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College here has partnered with SAKURA GSR, a Japane based UAV firm. The center through…

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Here’s a great collection of drone laws around the globe knowbeforeyoufly

Interested in the drone laws in the US or around the world? This page was designed specifically to help droners navigate this area.

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Children learn to build like an engineer with Flyblocks Lego drone kit

FlyBlocks’ “4 in 1 Build N’ Fly Drone Kit” aims to engage kids in STEM subjects. The plan is to inspire them to work for things, appreciate the effort required, and simultaneously turn them into…

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Drone Tips | 5 Techniques To Bring Your Drone Footage To The Next Cinematic Level

When DJI announced the Spark, a whole new segment of aerial photography took off, the entry-level drone. Other brands like Parrot, ZeroTech, and BLADE existed in that segment long before DJI, but…

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The medias lack of drone education detours the progression of drone laws

Working in DJI’s communications department must come with its ups and downs. Being the manufacturer synonymous with the industry means you get plenty of free publicity whenever a media organization is

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Unauthorized drone pilots chasing fires seem to be a trend in the U.S.

There is a very disturbing trend in our industry that we, as responsible operators need to address in the most expeditious way possible. The trend is that of civilian/hobbyist operators obstructing…

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How to receive a ROI on your drone data

What does it mean to transfer gigabytes worth of data from a drone? Is the process to transfer big drone data as efficient as it could be?

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