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There is no version of the future where drone operations are not key to the expansion of industries and the advancement of innovations across the globe.

The team at Indemnis is available to help integrate the Nexus into your OEM aircraft and drone designs. We are the R&D team you wish you had in-house. Our staff is dedicated to customer service and here to assist you. We are lean and agile, which allows us to work fast and without bottlenecks. Indemnis is brand agnostic and our team would love to assist you with your integration needs.

We have an amazing engineering and business team ready to creatively and scientifically push the boundaries of what is possible for any specialized recovery and parachute safety system project. Capabilities include mechanical engineering, prototype fabrication, electrical engineering, embedding systems coding and RF welding.

Contact us to have a custom UAV recovery system designed for your system.

Contact us about your custom integration needs and questions


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