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First Class Drones flying high with Nexus

First Class Drones is based out of Toronto and they recently became equipped with the Nexus system by Indemnis to allow them certification for flight over people. This opens news opportunities for cinematography projects throughout the city and beyond and some of their first footage is spectacular.

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Nexus Recovery System Now Shipping

After years of development and thousands of hours of testing, redesigning and retesting, The Nexus Parachute Recovery System by Indemnis that makes flight over people possible is now officially shipping its first units out the door to customers in Canada.


Indemnis Parachute For DJI Drones Meets International Safety Standard

DRONELIFE   |  JAN 9, 2019

Back in 2017, Alaska-based Indemnis partnered with DJI to develop parachute standards and systems that could be deployed in an instant, protecting valuable multi-rotor cargo and, of course, whoever or whatever is unlucky enough...

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DJI drones can fly over crowds if they wear this certified parachute

TECH CRUNCH   |   JAN 9, 2019

Most of the time, commercial and personal drones are not allowed to fly over groups of people. For safety, obviously. Indemnis’ drone parachute changes that. The company’s product was just certified to allow operators to legally...

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Why It's So Incredibly Hard to Attach a Parachute to a Drone


Drones are not immune to the whole “What goes up must come down” thing, and their descent is not always planned. If a drone falls out of the sky, the plummeting load can weigh up to a dozen pounds and be accompanied by...

Anchorage startup perfecting revolutionary drone safety system

Alaska has been at the forefront of developing rules and technologies for getting drones in the air and now the leaders of an Anchorage startup believe they have the secret to getting them back on the ground safely...

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Drone Delivery: with Amber McDonald


Amber McDonald, CEO of Indemnis, talks about the future of drone delivery. Her company wants to make delivering faster and easier with drones. We question safety to how it works, and Amber has answers to them all....


Drone Delivery Becomes a Reality With Help of Parachutes

Drone delivery is a fixture of most fantasies about the future, but when will it actually happen? Indemnis' Amber McDonald joins Cheddar to discuss her company's groundbreaking parachute recovery system...


At Indemnis, we specialize in designing and developing the world's most reliable UAV Recovery Systems. We're proud to the world's leader in drone parachute safety allowing for certified commercial flight over people. The future will be transported and delivered by drone and we are creating the pathway to making that a reality much sooner than later.

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